Glossary Self Reflection

  1. Communion
  2. Pub
  3. Auditory
  4. Increment
  5. Masonry
  6. Sans
  7. Lucrative
  8. Detriment
  9. Topography
  10. Carousing
  11. Contemporary
  12. Writ
  13. Trans-continential
  14. Agitate
  15. Sensibility

Throughout this semester, my glossary has been somewhat advantageous in the development of my vocabulary, although there have been some challenging along the way. I certainly possess a deeper understanding of some words that were particularly meaningful to me. I need to develop my vocabulary because it can help in my academics and my career. It can also use some improvement over time. Throughout the year I’d have to look through articles and find words that may have been a challenge to me or I wanted a deeper meaning to it, to use for my glossary. Once I’ve found them, I’d define them by looking for where it came from and the context it was used in. Afterwords Id look up their true meanings on google for a simpler meaning and the Merriam-Webster dictionary for a more academic meaning. However when reading through the articles I find context to be difficult for me because it’s not easy for me to understand a particular word with the rest of the statement. Not using these words throughout the year may have been a detriment to my learning experience. In rare occasions I can assume a meaning to a word based off of its context. I derive benefit from looking up definitions because it helps me build upon my vocabulary skills. In that, I improve on my researching skills, along with my analytical skills. Perhaps in the future, writing sentences using glossary words will enhance my ability to remember words and their definitions because I have done it enough times in my previous English class. Practical experience using words to express ideas that are relevant to my life makes it more like to remember.

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