Revision of project 4, courthouse approach

When you wake up, knowing that you have school, what gives you the drive to actually get up? Or maybe you don’t have that drive and your conscience seems to play mind games on you and your forced to go. Well whether you believe it or not, on our way to school there’s always something that could suddenly take place, something you see or something you could do to better your day. Maybe it’s choosing a route with a fetching view of vibrant leaves, sunny skies which might juxtapose the same energetic feelings to you on your way to your destination. The route that you take can also be silent, and you’re able to capture locations that held sentimental feelings, and valued parts of your new york. Not only that but it might be a not so appealing route that leads you to your favorite bacon egg & cheese and arizona that you’ve been craving for. And don’t be surprised if it’s just your favorite hip/ r&b, reggae, jazz, or funk music that converts your whole mood because that’s possible as well.In my opinion, your mood will only change due to your interest and what’s significant to you, which is why I feel my route that passes by the Eastern District of New York (by cadman plaza) serves as a good example.
My typical traveling routine is to take the 3 and 4 train and get off at Borough Hall train station. I would then walk alongside Adam street, on to Brooklyn Blvd and enter in on adam street. When taking that route I wasn’t too content seeing the christopher columbus statue due to the fact that I don’t view him as a heroic figure. And even when I couldn’t see him, I was constantly reminded that I was walking through the columbus park which did not bring forth the best attitude in me. And let’s not mention the homeless people near columbus park. Whenever I pass by, I feel obligated to compensate them, and with my large appetite that’s never the best selfish choice on my end. Also when traveling to school by my regular routine, I’m always dissatisfied with the crowd by the food stand on Adam street. What destroy my day the most is not being able to buy a single donut because of the lengthy line and fearing to blend in with loud middle school kids nearby.However for this project, I took a slightly different approach. Instead of walking down adam street, when I exit the train station I walked vertically towards the courthouse on cadman Plaza, a very special part of my new york.. And at that moment where I was reminded that the more knowledge I acquire, the more opportunities will be open for me. Not only that, but i’ll be reminded that my voice can now be heard. Im happily heading down tillary street now, with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. I will now reach for my headphones and iphone and listen to some hip hop or rap music to release myself out of that sentimental mood before entering the assigned room in 300 jay street.
My mom as well as myself had recently became citizens. Even though I wasn’t the one who took the test, I was extremely glad to know that I lend a helping hand by studying with her and using my prior knowledge to explain certain things to her. Walking by the courthouse gives me a sense of purpose. It gives me the motivation to not only get to school, but to go in ready and willing to acquire all that would be taught. When walking this route, I completely forget about the christopher columbus statue that I saw a few minutes ago. I seem to capture a image of the Henry Ward Beecher statue (that I would have passed just before heading towards the cadman plaza). My mind begins to wander as I think about how henry who was not only an abolitionist but a supporter of women’s suffrage ( the right to vote) help to get many of us where we are today. You could imagine the warm hearted mood I must be in at this point. Just to know that me and my mom had recently received our citizenship, also means that we will now be able to exercise our right and know that Henry Beecher’s support wasn’t in vein. As for other people who were born in the United states and had already had these opportunities open to you, this walk could be beneficial to you as well. For example, Just like Henry Beecher you could support or go against certain political decisions in hopes of truly bettering the lives of all people equally. Not only that but you might be able to witness newly citizens and see that you must not take your opportunities for granted because many people like myself had always wish for these opportunities.
Some might say that my persuading argument is a little too personal and one sided, in the sense that the courthouse holds a lot of different meetings, and might bring forth a lot of melancholy feelings for other individuals who might have been in trouble with the law. Well even though their not entirely wrong, the courthouse can still be seen as an inspiring area because it gives you a sense of what not do. If you are someone or know of people who had a different interaction with court houses then it can be seen as an example to you. According to the article “ Take a trip down memory lane- memories are good for your health” if it weren’t already obvious, passing by memories is in fact a positive thing.The article states that when people “dwell wistfully on their past” they “ become more optimistic” and “inspired about the future”.. This simply means that whatever you have dealt with in the past can change you for the better in the future. This statement is related to traveling the courthouse route even if u might have had negative interactions with it in the past, because it will make much more prepared for future encounters. Think about if you or your loved ones were abused or harmed in any way, the courthouse may the final destination where you get justice. Therefore courthouses might not be such a negative vibe.. Travelling by Eastern District of New York by Cadman Plaza might not be such a bad option after all. For others who may think it’s unecessary to take new routes you are sadly mistaken. According to the article “Why you should visit a new route”, “It essentially puts you — neurally — in the same position as when you were a child,”. This in which supports the fact that you might feel stressed out on your way to school, but walking a new route or different area re -opens your “kid abilities” and permits you to see things from a more creative view.
While some memories are meant to be just that, it can be very significant to travel a route from your pass or area that will motivate you. For most of us, on a way to school might be a very nagging, time of our day. Therefore to release yourself out of such stressful mood, it’s best to walk a route that gives you your favorite “ food, coffee, or just a place that puts u in a calm sentimental mood, for example eastern district courthouse, you will be sure to have a better day.

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