Reflection on Glossary

I personally did not find the glossary useful. I strongly believe a glossary entry for a college course is not useful because we should be given more challenging work. As college students we shoul be responsible for looking up words we do not know. A project that challenged our vocabulary  I believe would have been more effective. A challenge not only challenges our knowledge we gain more useful skills. In addition, the range of sources we were given did not offere a lot of challenging words. If we would have been given a larger range of info to look from maybe the assignment would have been more useful. I personally had trouble looking for words i did not know because most the language in the passages given were understandable. Nevertheless, this assignment was very easy and simple not impossible to complete.

1 thought on “Reflection on Glossary

  1. Jody R. Rosen

    Please format your list of words as I requested in the assignment. Each word should link to the post in which you wrote that glossary entry. I can’t compile our class’s list with the work that you’ve included here.


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