Alienating, amenity

Alienate (Verb): To make differences or hostile

“While HotBlack is not the first cafe to withhold Wi-Fi from the public, industry experts said such shops are in the minority and risk alienating customers” Christopher Mele

I’m sure I’ve never heard the word before so I couldn’t take an educated guess on the meaning. I took the word to the website and search for the definition and realize that alienating mean to make differences or hostile. “experts said such shops are in the minority and risk making differences to customers.”

Amenity (noun): an agreeable way or manner.

“It’s not quite an essential amenity or legally required to open, but it’s nice. It makes customers happy, and make your space feel more like their space” Christopher Mele

To summary amenity, it can be described as a way of saying not necessary. It is not necessary for the coffee shop to provided hotspot for the customers.

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