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This cathedral is a must see if you visit Italy. It’s simply amazing on how it was built and how it looks in person. I couldn’t picture it looking the same as it did when I googled it but it was exactly the same, which amazed me. This picture is from the bell tower located next to Duomo, also one of hardest tower I have ever climbed. This Duomo amazes me in the sense of how large it is and the attraction it brings in Florence. I had to do research while I was there and found out that it look over 14 years to build and they actually gave up on the Duomo in the middle of construction because they couldn’t find out how to fix the roof as technology and architect wasn’t caught up with the times. They however had figured it out by a new architect climbing on the roof and showing them how it done one brick at a time. This Duomo is located near everything in Florence and for good reason as how lovely it looks. This was the largest brick Duomo built. I must say I want to visit it again as one time is not nearly enough to take in this magnificent sight.

Rape of Sabine


This sculpture attracted me at first sight. I was wondering what it meant at first but finally gave up and read the information sign. I found out that it meant a lot to the Italians because in their prior history, Romans tired to marry or engage in sexual activates with Sabine women however the men of that tribe didn’t allow it. Since the Italian did it anyway and this sculpture then starting making sense because it show one man defeating another and then taking his women. Although I don’t believe with the treating of women as property however I get this sculpture because it does show that and how they forcefully took the women after defeating their husband or anyone that protected them. I really was attracted to this sculpture by the fact, on how this was built and amazing it looks. It gives me a headache to think about how I would even start with this sculpture but somehow it was done. I find it amazing how that back in the back people made these sculpture with less technology we have now, well almost no technology.

The David


The David by Michelangelo

As I was in Florence, Italy for a couple of days, I had to stop by and see this beautiful famous sculpture. It still amazes me on how much effort and time was taken in building this famous piece of art. This picture doesn’t do this art justice but definitely glad I went to see this. These types of sculpture are made completely out of marble, which I still can’t believe someone had the capacity to make this. As I read up on this sculpture, I found out that it’s symbolizes defense of civil liberties. Michelangelo built the David before his fight with Goliath, which shows why he has a rock in his left hand and a sling in his right hand. I could see that happening because David looks focus rather than happy or sad because it’s time for the battle. I believe everyone should look at this sculpture because it will inspire everyone as I did for me. One of my dreams after seeing this it to make a marble sculpture due to the time and dedication it’ll take to make a masterpiece or at least an armature masterpiece for me. I would especially love to watch Michelangelo make this masterpiece as he nearly perfect everything from the hair, veins, finger and toes. This sculpture was just simply amazing.

Anne Frank House


Anne Frank House

As I traveled to Europe this spring break, I thought it would be a great to check out the famous Anne Frank house, which I have both heard and read about. I truly believe that this was one of the best places; I have ever visited due to the environment that is in this house. As I waited close to about one hour to get inside, I couldn’t help but think about how it would be inside. When I made it inside, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they have preserved the house and you get the feeling that you stepped inside a time machine. I was truly in unbelief about how different the houses were back then. As I kept on going and following the path, it only got better because of all the information videos and picture they have put up. I still can’t believe the condition Anne Frank and her family had to live and survive through. As I walked through this house and in the secret room, it made me feel like the Nazi was actually in the house with me and I could see them run around and cause chaos. I believe everyone should visit this if you do go to Amsterdam. After getting outside, I couldn’t believe how stupid people were or still can be to discriminate amongst someone else due to their race, religion or belief. Truly sad to hear what happened to Anne Frank at the end.