This cathedral is a must see if you visit Italy. It’s simply amazing on how it was built and how it looks in person. I couldn’t picture it looking the same as it did when I googled it but it was exactly the same, which amazed me. This picture is from the bell tower located next to Duomo, also one of hardest tower I have ever climbed. This Duomo amazes me in the sense of how large it is and the attraction it brings in Florence. I had to do research while I was there and found out that it look over 14 years to build and they actually gave up on the Duomo in the middle of construction because they couldn’t find out how to fix the roof as technology and architect wasn’t caught up with the times. They however had figured it out by a new architect climbing on the roof and showing them how it done one brick at a time. This Duomo is located near everything in Florence and for good reason as how lovely it looks. This was the largest brick Duomo built. I must say I want to visit it again as one time is not nearly enough to take in this magnificent sight.

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