Rape of Sabine


This sculpture attracted me at first sight. I was wondering what it meant at first but finally gave up and read the information sign. I found out that it meant a lot to the Italians because in their prior history, Romans tired to marry or engage in sexual activates with Sabine women however the men of that tribe didn’t allow it. Since the Italian did it anyway and this sculpture then starting making sense because it show one man defeating another and then taking his women. Although I don’t believe with the treating of women as property however I get this sculpture because it does show that and how they forcefully took the women after defeating their husband or anyone that protected them. I really was attracted to this sculpture by the fact, on how this was built and amazing it looks. It gives me a headache to think about how I would even start with this sculpture but somehow it was done. I find it amazing how that back in the back people made these sculpture with less technology we have now, well almost no technology.

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