The David


The David by Michelangelo

As I was in Florence, Italy for a couple of days, I had to stop by and see this beautiful famous sculpture. It still amazes me on how much effort and time was taken in building this famous piece of art. This picture doesn’t do this art justice but definitely glad I went to see this. These types of sculpture are made completely out of marble, which I still can’t believe someone had the capacity to make this. As I read up on this sculpture, I found out that it’s symbolizes defense of civil liberties. Michelangelo built the David before his fight with Goliath, which shows why he has a rock in his left hand and a sling in his right hand. I could see that happening because David looks focus rather than happy or sad because it’s time for the battle. I believe everyone should look at this sculpture because it will inspire everyone as I did for me. One of my dreams after seeing this it to make a marble sculpture due to the time and dedication it’ll take to make a masterpiece or at least an armature masterpiece for me. I would especially love to watch Michelangelo make this masterpiece as he nearly perfect everything from the hair, veins, finger and toes. This sculpture was just simply amazing.

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