James Marcel Cartier

South Tower, 105th Floor, September 11, 2001.  A day of infamy.

James Marcel Cartier was a happy go lucky Local Union 3 electrician assigned to a job at the World Trade Center only two weeks prior to the attack.  A hard worker, he never took the easy route.  He was happy on returning home dirty, which meant that he worked hard.  Prior to becoming an electrician, he work numerous local jobs, among them a stationery store, a pizzeria, a drug store, and he was found many times behind the counter of a local deli.

He lived in Astoria, Queens and was well known and liked in the neighborhood.  One of seven children, his happy disposition, his love of family and friends, was well known.  He graduated from Msgr. McClancy High School in 1994.  He was liked dearly among his fellow student and teachers.

The day of the attack, and true to his way of putting his family and loved ones before himself, he called his brother John; a call that saved his sister’s life.  His last words were relayed to his parents via voicemail.  He said “I love you”.

John’s name is inscribed among the many in the World Trade Center Memorial.  Several paintings were created by local artists to commemorate his life.  His older brother John took a different path to keep James’ memory alive.  Both avid motorcyclists, John founded and continues to preside over the American Brotherhood motorcycle club.  Their colors bear the twin towers with James Cartier’s initials displayed on the South Tower.

One thought on “James Marcel Cartier

  1. Stephen w Bennett

    Hey John
    I worked in WTC as a freelancer and was not there on the day but when down that night
    I now know who was involved and you must too
    I am sorry about your brother James.
    So very sorry
    I cannot imagine that kind of loss
    I would like to speak to you if you have time
    thank you


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