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On the corner of 56th Street and Woodside Avenue is a park which displays a beautiful statue representing the Veterans whom fought in World War I? The names of the first responders are inscribed on a plaque resting at the bottom of the statue. Below the bronze statue is an inscription stating the phrase “Lest We Forget”. This statue was unveiled in 1923 on Memorial Day.

In an article in the New York Times written by Rich Schapiro, Ed Bergendahl, indicates the term Doughboy having an important meaning. Ed Bergendahl states, “…the term doughboy was the nickname British soldiers gave American GIs in the first World War a nod to the oversized round buttons on the American uniforms that reminded the Brits of the doughboy cakes so popular at home.”

The statue is beautiful and caught the essence of a soldier.   What made this memorable is how a former navy seaman takes the time out to educate and inform visitors. It is wonderful to know that there are people such as Ed Bergendahl who reminds us of what these honorable men did for our country. This place of remembrance reminds us of whom fought in the war but gives us an opportunity to remember and appreciate them for it.