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James Madison High School

james_madison3787 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229

James Madison (1751-1836) was a founding father of the United States and the fourth American president. He was advocate for strong federal government and known for drafting U.S. Constitution and United States Bill Of Rights. James Madison High School is a learning institution that embodies his philosophy: “Education is the true foundation of civil liberty”.I am very proud to attend that high school. This is an excellent high school that has been improving through the years. The faculty is very supportive of their students. The school offers many elective honor classes, which aid in transferring to good colleges. I attended this high school and only have good memories, especially with my U.S. history teachers.

R.I.P Robert “Pudge” “Uno” Martin

This photo was taken on Riverdale Avenue near Herzl street in Brownsville Brooklyn New York. On November 24, 2013 my blood cousin Robert aka Pudge was gunned down around 10:30 am across the street from General D. Chappie James Elementary School. He was shot five and the one that hit him in the neck is what killed him. Here is where he was killed on this corner in front of a church. The killer still hasn’t been caught.  Today marks the 6th month he’s been taken from us. Everyday my family relives this tragedy. He was the loving father of two. We will always remember him being happy loving caring silly and loyalty to anyone who came in contact with him. He enjoyed rapping and his music lives on forever. We love and miss you so much Pudge !pudge

January 12, 1987- November 14, 2013

Holocaust Memorial Park

Holocaust Memorial, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Holocaust Memorial, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn






This memorial was established in 1986 by the City and Mayor Koch to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. The memorial stays right in the middle of a little park by the water with adjacent communities such as Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Sheepshead Bay. After the World War II, large Jewish population escaped the Nazi regimes and immigrated to these areas of Brooklyn. On remembrance day of the Holocaust,  local rabbis lead the service in prayer and discuss the importance of remembering the struggles of Jewish people. Their prayers represent the victory over the evil fascist who took so many lives. On the second picture with the stones, every single stone has a name or names of very important people who risked their lives for the lives of others during war. Some stones have a brief history on the number of killed people or how and where they were killed. Holocaust will never be forgotten.


Fort Hamilton Triangle

FH Triagle

The Fort Hamilton Triangle located on 4th Avenue and 94 Street is dedicated to local soldiers killed in World War I.  Fort Hamilton served as training grounds for volunteers in NY State regiments.  It eventually functioned as an embarkation and separation center during World War I and World War II.  Today over 200 Army Reserve and National Guard units are supported at Fort Hamilton.



My Neighborhood Queens, South Ozone Park ♥

John Adams H.School

John Adams was the 2nd president of the United States having earlier served as the first vice president. This high school a few blocks from my house is home to many students in the area. It commemorates former president John Adams who also one of the American Founding Father.
P.s Sorry for the 5th one being so far away from the rest!

My Neighborhood – Gravesend, Brooklyn

Memorial for Leonora Lavaud

The streetlamp on the corner of Avenue U and East 5th Street in Brooklyn, NY serves as a memorial for Leonora Lavaud who died on January 05, 2013 in a major car accident. That accident also took lives of two other people as well. One of the drivers was a 21-year-old kid who sped through a red light and caused multiple car collisions. Though it was around 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, the streets were not as empty as someone may assume.

Although it has been over a year since the deadly accident, Leonora is still remembered. The streetlamp still has her picture with a heart on it:


I remember coming to work that Monday and hearing about the accident. That day, the corner had hundreds of candles and flowers for those who passed. It saddens me to know that all it takes is a run through the red light.

My Neighborhood – Gravesend, Brooklyn

Lady Moody Triangle

photo 1 (1)

Lady Deborah Moody (ca.1583-1659) was a wealthy woman who settled in Brooklyn in 1645. She is known to be “the first woman in the New World to receive a land patent,” as well as the founder of the town Gravesend. This triangle is also dedicated to the  World War II casualties:

photo 2 (1)

On October 4, 1987, a time capsule was placed nearby but it is unknown whether it was ever dig up.

During the warm days I love the sight of the park being used by many book readers. However, my favorite time to enjoy the park is during the Christmas holiday season. NYC parks decorates a Christmas tree with lights and music. That’s the holiday mood right there! And during this time of year no day can be a “moody” day.

My Neighborhood – Midwood, Brooklyn

9/11 Memorial

photo 4photo 5

This memorial is located at 23rd Avenue and 59th Street in Brooklyn, NY. It honors those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. You can’t find this triangle on the map or on the internet; you just have to know that it’s there. It has been almost 14 years since the tragic events took place but we will always remember.

I was 13 years old when the Twin Towers were attacked. When I came home I couldn’t stop crying for all of those who were there. Many of my friends lost their relatives that day, and those who barely escaped will never be the same people.

My Neighborhood – Midwood, Brooklyn

Bishop Kearney High School

photo 3

This high school is located on 60th Street by Bay Parkway in Brooklyn, NY. It honors “the youngest auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn,” Raymond A. Kearney. He is honored for his service to the diocese which was “from 1935…to October 1, 1956”. It is an all female school with a Roman Catholic program. School’s motto is “Dilige Justitiam (Work for Justice)”.

What surprises me is that the school is for girls only but it is named after a guy.

At the start of the Spring I like to take a walk by the school and enjoy it’s blooming trees; they are beautiful and pink!