Holocaust Memorial Park

Holocaust Memorial, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Holocaust Memorial, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn






This memorial was established in 1986 by the City and Mayor Koch to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. The memorial stays right in the middle of a little park by the water with adjacent communities such as Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Sheepshead Bay. After the World War II, large Jewish population escaped the Nazi regimes and immigrated to these areas of Brooklyn. On remembrance day of the Holocaust,  local rabbis lead the service in prayer and discuss the importance of remembering the struggles of Jewish people. Their prayers represent the victory over the evil fascist who took so many lives. On the second picture with the stones, every single stone has a name or names of very important people who risked their lives for the lives of others during war. Some stones have a brief history on the number of killed people or how and where they were killed. Holocaust will never be forgotten.


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