My Neighborhood – Gravesend, Brooklyn

Memorial for Leonora Lavaud

The streetlamp on the corner of Avenue U and East 5th Street in Brooklyn, NY serves as a memorial for Leonora Lavaud who died on January 05, 2013 in a major car accident. That accident also took lives of two other people as well. One of the drivers was a 21-year-old kid who sped through a red light and caused multiple car collisions. Though it was around 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, the streets were not as empty as someone may assume.

Although it has been over a year since the deadly accident, Leonora is still remembered. The streetlamp still has her picture with a heart on it:


I remember coming to work that Monday and hearing about the accident. That day, the corner had hundreds of candles and flowers for those who passed. It saddens me to know that all it takes is a run through the red light.

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