My Neighborhood – Gravesend, Brooklyn

Lady Moody Triangle

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Lady Deborah Moody (ca.1583-1659) was a wealthy woman who settled in Brooklyn in 1645. She is known to be β€œthe first woman in the New World to receive a land patent,” as well as the founder of the town Gravesend. This triangle is also dedicated to theΒ  World War II casualties:

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On October 4, 1987, a time capsule was placed nearby but it is unknown whether it was ever dig up.

During the warm days I love the sight of the park being used by many book readers. However, my favorite time to enjoy the park is during the Christmas holiday season. NYC parks decorates a Christmas tree with lights and music. That’s the holiday mood right there! And during this time of year no day can be a “moody” day.

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