Textiles – SILK Research Project and Poster Presentation

This paper is based on the research of the silk fabric, it is regarding its history, how it came to existence, and how it became popular all over the world from China. Merchant discusses important topics such as the process of creating silk in full depth. She reveals how silkworms are raised and how their cocoons are harvested and used to create filaments, and how they undergo the rest of the steps such as dyeing, spinning, weaving, and binding. She also informs the readers about the things to look for when buying expensive silk/ how to differentiate between cheap silk and expensive silk. In addition, she educates readers about different types of silk available in the marketplace.

The link to download her Final Research Paper on Silk Textile is here:

This is the Poster of the process of making Silk that Merchant made to present in front of her peers and professor.