BUF 4900: Internship

This course was to enhance the Merchant’s work experience with a company in the fashion industry, related to Fashion and Beauty Content Writing. She was able to apply her formal education to professional situations in order to ease the transition into the work environment. She kept a journal of her work and met her peers and professor periodically to discuss her experiences. This course not only made helped her during her internship but also prepared her for a professional career / a real job in the future as in this course Merchant completed the Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based Harassment, and Sexual Violence Student Curriculum from her college.

Below is the link to download her certificate of completion for it:

The midterm examination in this course was a research paper based on a Virtual Field Trip to the Museum at FIT’s online exhibit Ballerina – Fashion’s Modern Muse. Have a look at it below:

Moreover, in this course Merchant created a Retail Marketing e-Portfolio, a professional resume, and a generic cover letter.

Course Syllabus