COED Media Internship

Merchant has interned as a Fashion and Beauty Content Writer at for COED Media Company. In her internship, she did the following:

  • Every week she wrote 3 to 5 fashion stories as well as occasional longer features.
  • She worked closely with her editorial team on content ideas, calendars, and coverage.
  • She worked with her team to further seed her published stories on social media platforms to gather more web traffic.
  • Merchant is proficient with Google Analytics so she can track the
    performance of her published articles written on WordPress.
  • Editorial research and curation were a big part of her job there, so to make the articles more interesting she would hunt and gather relevant pictures and videos according to the article from YouTube, Shutterstock, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • She used databases given by the media company to research current events and trends in the fashion industry.
  • Besides current event articles, she wrote product recommendations as well as provided their prices and appropriate direct product ordering links for the reader’s / shopper’s convenience.
  • She thoroughly understood the Search Engine Optimization guidelines and followed them whenever she wrote her stories.
  • She gave appropriate and catchy SEO titles, concise SEO descriptions, and accurate tags for each story she wrote.

So far, Merchant has written over 50 articles for COED Media. Below is the link to some of her great articles published to date. Have a look!