Figure 1: A picture of Musarat Merchant standing next to an immersive floral tree trunk with purple roses and verbenas at The Floral Escape in Queens County Farm, New York.

Musarat Merchant is a highly creative, qualified, and ambitious woman who believes that her hard work has the power to open
doors that societal norms have tried to keep shut for many brown women. Born in Dubai, raised in Mumbai, and now living in New York City has transformed her into the person she is today. Growing up she has been exposed to completely different cultures so that sowed the seed of love for her culture in her heart. No matter wherever she had been, she remains humble and stays true to her roots. Her parents have always made her believe that it is her hard work, dedication, and excellence in her field that will decide her future in life, not where she comes from or her gender. She has high standards, she does not settle for anything less than what she deserves. Merchant values education, hustle, teamwork, creativity, meticulosity, integrity, inclusivity, loyalty, class, decency, and most importantly a good

Meaning of Musarat Merchant’s Brand Logo

Figure 2: Musarat Merchant’s Brand Logo designed by Musarat Merchant.

The crown on top of her initials (MM) on her brand’s logo in Fig. 2 represents her will to conquer everything that she aspires to achieve in her lifetime. Her initials are connected to represent a heartbeat as she is full of life and energy. Most importantly her initials are joined to look like 4 mountains. Their peaks and lows symbolize the ups and downs that she has experienced in her life. The color of her logo is verbena purple and it best fits her personality because verbena symbolizes healing, creativity, and happiness (see Fig. 1). Her name is Musarat which is an Urdu word that literally means happiness. Whenever she sees someone without a smile, she gives them one of hers and that is how she is an optimistic and cheerful woman. The background of her brand’s logo is a watercolor gradient of the verbena purple hue, which shows her love for art and interest in creativity.