BUF 2246: Textiles

This course was an introductory survey of today’s complex and consistently transforming fashion and textiles business environment. A survey of fashion wholesale and retail environments was explored to offer Merchant a clear understanding of various textiles types with an emphasis on its interaction with fashion merchandisers, buyers, and retailers. She has acquired basic knowledge of fibers, yarns, cloth construction, finishes, and embellishments necessary to determine the quality and to make appropriate fabric choices for contemporary fashion apparel and home furnishings.

Course Syllabus

Through this textiles course, she has completed the textile swatch book, which is why she is now able of the following:

• Has a theoretical and practical understanding of the strategies and techniques of the textile industry.
• Knows how to assess and identify assorted textile types.
• Can identify the difference between knitted and woven goods (as she was being exposed to knitted and woven swatches in the course and was able to distinguish the differences of each fabric category).
• Understands the difference between branded fibers and generic fibers.
• Understands and retains the facts regarding the characteristics of all-natural and manufactured fibers.
• Understand the differences between natural and manufactured fibers.

Here are the links to her work in this course including lab work, few textile swatch book samples, and weaving and Final project: