Merchant was an exceptional student at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech). She had a stellar reputation and a strong G.P.A. Her professors at City Tech noticed her leadership qualities and hence they always felt confident in making her in charge of collaborative projects and other activities.

In June 2020, Merchant received the Academic Excellence Award from the School of Professional Studies at The New York City College of Technology for graduating with a 3.9 GPA for her associate’s degree in The Business and Technology of Fashion

One of her projects in Spring 2020, was a book that she wrote, and the Director of her program (The Business and Technology of Fashion), Dr. Alyssa Adomaitis was so impressed that she suggested her forward it to her so she can further send it for consideration to publish in the City Tech Writer. In Fall 2020, once again a research paper written by Merchant was sent for consideration to publish in the City Tech Writer by the Director of her program.

In her baccalaureate degree at City Tech, Merchant made many more projects in fashion business courses such as Product Development, Trend Forecasting, and Visual Merchandising, Textiles, etc. Have a deep look into the courses and projects from her degree:

In her senior year at City Tech, according to her major’s requirements – Merchant completed an internship by interning for the entire Fall 2020 semester at a fashion-related business. She interned as a Fashion and Beauty Content writer at COED Media Group for one of their websites named College Candy. Have a look at her work and some of her great articles here: