BUF 4700: Contemporary Issues in the Fashion Industry

This course was a senior-level seminar course where Merchant investigated specialized topics related to the fashion industry. The objective of the course was to examine current practices in the apparel industry, with a close look at developments in textiles and manufacturing as an integral aspect of the industry’s trajectory. Topics were divided into 3 modules + final project here are the links to each one of them:

MODULE 1: Ethics and Fairtrade in apparel manufacturing

MODULE 2: Sustainability issues in fashion, including environmental problems and solutions

MODULE 3: Smart textiles as a rapidly developing sector in the apparel industry that overlaps with science and technology

FINAL MODULE: Creation of a Business

Merchant created her own business plan for an apparel company known as ModesTech that addressed fair trade and sustainability issues as well as and incorporated the use of smart textiles in her apparel based on her original research done throughout this course.

Course Syllabus