ARTH 1204: 20th Century Dress and Culture

It was essential to understand the interrelationship of fashion and culture, and how this developed over time. This course helped Merchant examine how historical periods affected the style and construction of clothing. She was introduced to analytic techniques that evaluate how culture, economics, politics, and religion influenced and shaped the style of the time. She was assigned specific items of clothing and then traced the development of style, trend, and fashion. This course also introduced her to important terminology integral to the fashion industry and required her to discuss all facets of its history. Issues affecting the fashion industry were explored through readings, videos, discussions, and links to local industry were made through field trips at the MET Museum.

Here are the links to download the Terminology Assignments on Garment Styles of Women’s wear and Men’s wear:

Here is the link to the Final Project by Musarat on a 20th Century Designer – Betsey Johnson: