BUF 1101: Introduction to the Fashion Industry

The course introduced Merchant to the elements of merchandising in the fashion industry. It encompassed the major segments of fashion merchandising: textile mills; designers and manufacturers as well as other producers; auxiliary fashion industries; and retailers. The role of technology and the dynamics of fashion retailing in the age of the Internet is also emphasized. By reading the book Dynamics of Fashion (4th edition) by Elaine Stone, she developed an understanding of how the business of fashion has evolved into the fast-paced multimedia global entity that we witness today. Consequently, whenever possible, she was be expected to adopt visual merchandising technologies and multimedia techniques for her in-class activities in this course. Aspects of 21st-century marketing were integral to an understanding of this subject.

Course Textbook: Dynamics of Fashion (4th edition), Elaine Stone, Fairchild Publishing, 2013.

Course Syllabus

Final Project: Intro to the Fashion Industry- Designer Report on Manish Malhotra