Textiles – Weaving Project

In this Textile Project, Merchant learned how to make a woven wall hanging. She learned basic woven techniques of Plain, Basket, and Twill weave. Below is the step-by-step process of how she made this project, have a look!

Dimensions Large Weaving Loom, 12” x 16” was used to make this project
The project started with 2 inches of Plain weave, 2 inches of Basket weave, and then so on for Twill weave.
Then more of the weaving was done in different colors of weft yarns (blue, red, green, peach, and purple) were evenly spaced out (using a weaving comb) leaving the navy blue warp yarn in the middle
Loose cotton is added in those gaps to divide each weave layer. Notice that knot endings of the weft yarns are neatly tied in the back and white yarn fringes are added to the bottom of the loom.
The top of the navy blue warp yarns are cut (using a pair of scissors) and the bottom with the white fringes is simply lifted up to release the woven piece from the loom.
Finally, those navy blue warp ends on the top that we cut are tied to a stick that holds the entire wall hanging with the help of a triangular hanger that we can make from remaining yarn.