Product Development – Apparel Line Design Project Report and Presentation

This was a team project in which Merchant and her peers came together and created a unisex graphic t-shirt brand named MODISH. Apart from researching trends and designing graphic t-shirts for four lines, Merchant also created detailed tech packs and product tags have a look:

Tech Pack:

Product Tags:

The project report and presentation covers the following:

  • The current status of graphic t-shirts today
  • Major trends within the graphic t-shirts
  • The four graphic t-shirt lines of MODISH
  • Target Market
  • Shop the market
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing of the brand
  • The quality control process
  • Appropriate costing of the garments
  • Cost Sheet
  • Analysis of comparable product offerings at higher price points

Here are the links to download the Full Project Report and PowerPoint Presentation: