Reflection 6: What I Learned In Class Was…

Throughout my semester in my Graphic Design concepts class, I learned more than I expected. At first, I assumed that COMD 3503 would be yet another class about composition, color, history, reading, and designing just to design and get a grade. Instead, this class was fulfilling in more ways than in any other class that was labeled “Graphic Design” anything. For our first class, we went, swiftly, through Graphic Design history. We addressed Gutenberg Bible, to the Industrial Revolution, to Art Nouveau, to Arts & Crafts, all the way to DADA, to Kitsch, to Modern Art.

Professor Trofimova went immediately through some things that everyone in our major should know or be taught. We learned the finance part of being a graphic designer in addition to what we needed to get there. We also learned more about freelancing than in any other class I’ve had. We then learned it takes to be successful and how being eager and hungry for learning and gathering more knowledge is vital to one’s work and creativity. I was able to watch a plethora of videos from TED Talk and analyze what each video meant to me as a person and as a graphic designer.

I was happy to learn about the trials and tribulations of what happens before, during and after being a part of the “Graphic Design World”. Ad agencies can be both laid back and hectic. They can be a community, or a group of people who rarely interact. They can also be a place for people to grow as a part of the creative and as an individual, or just a place where everyone works together to design and make the company better. Finding a job is all about having a strong, nicely packaged out-of-the-box portfolio that has the same concepts or work type as the place you are trying to get hired by. One must be confident in themselves to do their best and do better. A portfolio will always change. There is no project that will stand the outcome of change over time. Freelancing can be an option if you like the thought of being your boss and having more freedom for living life (paying bills too.). All while doing your work, have humanity; Be humble and know that not every job will be for you.

This class was more of an insight and a refresher. I relearned that as a graphic designer and illustrator, my job is to solve the problem of visually highlighting ideology. No matter the tool, my goal is to get the concept or piece of culture out to the public for better understanding. Even if one doesn’t know if they will succeed, “Ole to you nonetheless.” For me, it isn’t a matter of failing, it is a matter of learning and pushing forward. Professor Trofimova taught me that it is a matter of wanting to learn and trying again if things fall apart. It is a matter of trusting myself to do my absolute best.

I am thankful for having such an inspiring professor who, to me, knows a lot more about life as a creative than a handful of the other professors that I had. I feel as though I learned everything that I was hoping to get out of COMD 3503 and then some. I am happy to know that I took really good notes also when it came to where I could find a job as an intern and for a full-time job down the line. In class, I always tied together my two passions in conversation, art and music. To me, art and music are one in the same. I believe that one accentuates the other flawlessly and want to be able to do just that as a career. From what I learned in class, I hope to be able to take what knowledge I gained and use it for my future.