Week 1: Meaningful Play

I was happy to be able to play videos games again after a long time (and not worry about failing if I end up playing), but this time, I took a different approach. IĀ allowed myself to understand theĀ meaningful play behind this game and its concepts.Ā The game I played this week was a game on my DSi called Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Professor Layton is a mystery puzzle game with a plot that the player has to solve through clever mind games. I love the story behind this game and the other mysteries from the Professor Layton series. This game allows the player to think outside the box and tests and strengthensĀ the player’s knowledge. Some of the puzzles are harder than others and have the player almost dreaming about the puzzles or acting them out in everyday life (… or is itĀ just me?). Some puzzles could actually be applied to life.

Suitcase Puzzle

This game, for instance, asks the player to neatly put items in a restricted space without over lapping or leaving out an item. Personally, I do this with a lot of item placement in my life, leaving neater and organized areas. This game is also chaotic, but still clean andĀ kept. Everything is where it needs to be to make the game come together as whole. I could play this game over and over again (like I haven’t already).