Physical Typography

Physical typography is literally making words out of physical materials. Thinking of a possible solution to what materials I was going to use for whatever word I decided on making was challenging since my list spanned from shaved pencil pieces, toe nail clippings. I figured that since I was sick during the time of this project that I might as well take advantage of the “used” materials I made from blowing my nose, taking medicine and using a thermometer to check my temperature, which if you look loosely at a few of the picture was 100+ degrees. Here you have:


img_5885 img_5881 img_5882 img_5883 img_5884

For my second physical typography, I chose the word “deep”. At first, it was drowning and then shallow. I chose Deep because the way I set up the photo shot look like an illusion of how deep or shallow the water was.


img_5894 img_5888 img_5890 img_5892 img_5893

It took 4 hours to complete the second part of this project… FOUR HOURS.

P.S. It was so worth it.