First things first! Reference! I walked around Jackson Heights, Queens and took pictures of words, calligraphy and symbols that attracted me the most and was able to have a ball with what I found. It was a fun time.

language26 %e2%80%a2-language1 %e2%80%a2-language2 %e2%80%a2-language3 %e2%80%a2-language5 %e2%80%a2-language7 %e2%80%a2-language10 %e2%80%a2-language12 %e2%80%a2-language13 %e2%80%a2-language15 %e2%80%a2-language18 %e2%80%a2-language19 language4 language6 language8 language9 language11 language14 language16 language17 language20 language21 language22 language23 language24 language25

I ended up choosing


Mind you, I still have no idea, to this day, what this means, but I went with it… I still hope it’s nothing bad.

After this, I was assigned the job of literally squishing this text and got


And it got more challenging from here…