Communications Workshop

Here in Graphic Principles, I learned how communicative design dates back centuries, there are many styles and characteristics of type, how just one color can┬árepresent something totally different to two people, and even the backstories of many designs like NBC’s logo, the 1984 commercial.

I traveled through new dimensions of how a person think’s when creating something for a company or a brand and how things are done specifically to depict a hidden message or make the viewer feel a certain the of way. I also learned the basics of print, color and paper, and was able to make my own mark on creating a brand for myself. I have to admit that it was quite difficult steering my mind to think with one foot out and one foot in the box, but I improved and am still improving. With trial comes tribulation, but with patience and vigor comes content and accomplishment.

From The Field

Then and Now: PlayStation


Visual Quote Concepts