Moment At Anomaly

On Wednesday, December 5th, my professor took my class to visit Anomaly, another ad agency willing to show us life at work. Due to pressing projects, the creative team at Anomaly were not in the office, so we were given a tiny tour of the floors the agency owned. When I get there, a classmate and I were a little stuck getting to where everyone else was. We were sent upstairs to the 11th floor of the building to talk to the receptionist of Anomaly. We met a few people along the way who told us where our other classmates would be. We realized we had to go down stairs. At this point, the question came up as to why the receptionist was on the top floor of Anomaly and not the first floor that they use instead. Someone came to show us the way to the rest of the class and EVEN OFFERED COOKIES (which we ended up not being able to get because we had to leave swiftly at the end of the Q&A).

Anomaly Conference Room

The place that we were in was a very dimly lit and spacious room with a bar at the far end, music playing and a Christmas’s tree in the corner, making the area feel relaxed and welcoming. They two women who took our questions were very eager to make sure we got the best out of our experience, as short as it was. There weren’t any new words that I leaned, but it’s always great to hear people in the field use the same words that you know. It sort of makes me feel like I’m still on the right path. I had asked one of them,”What are some qualities that you look for in potential employees and staff here at Anomlay?” Just to reassure myself of what I think as agencies look for. Anomaly looks for the creative mind in their new hires. They look for the confidence and talent that brings out the best in everyone. I was pleased to hear that Anomaly looks to help everyone grow as a graphic designer and a creator. They focus on the person and their work, bit jut what they can bring to the agency. Ideologies like that are things that I myself hope for when I work for an agency in the future. I’ve come to really love the idea of working for an ad agency, as long as the community there works together instead of desperately and isolated. No matter how short this experience was, I am more so excited and look forward to working in groups like Anomaly.