Reflection 5: Ole To You Nonetheless

This past class we pretty inspirational. I got yet another opportunity to watch a TED Talk for the remainder of my class time. This time, I watched “Your elusive creative genius”, a very intellectual and philosophical speech by Elizabeth Gilbert. In her 18-minute lecture, she was very VERY successful in packing in some extremely useful “food for thought” into her speech. Elizabeth spoke about her thought on her creation of “Eat, Pray, Love” and the “Devil’s Advocate” of those around her asking her about her fears of never being successful again or never being able to to her last success.

To me, things like that I hear ALL THE TIME. I am constantly being asked if I am afraid of being who I always dreamt of being. I am ALWAYS asked be told whatever I do; I write music, perform, illustrate to later apply illustrations to my work, I draw tattoos, cover arts for fellow artist’s songs, graphicly design and monitor the Music Club at my college. People tend to bring your fears to light by giving their thoughts and fears for themselves onto you, and that, to me is not fair in the slightest. For me, it makes me anxious, causing me to doubt myself because of the stifling thoughts put in my face. I feel as though in today’s society, people tend to focus on the bad that could happen rather than focusing on the steps needed to get better or get the job done as best as possible. I agree with everything that was said in Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk, such that, it is much better to focus on the job at hand, rather than focusing on the possible lack of success. Trying, to me, is MUCH better than regretting hesitation and fear of doing something.

I felt as though this TED Talk was one of the best ones that Professor Trofimova showed us because this TED Talk ecompasses all walks of creativity and creation. It can applied to not just Graphic Design, but to writing, making music, painting, sports and any other mode of expression sent out for the world to see. A Genius is not just one’s self, but their achievements. It can also be looked at as the Genius being the world that affect the person. Regardless of how those around us perceive “genius”, it is the work that you out into something that will matter at the end of the day. Also regardless of how many times you do something over and over again, as long as you have tried your hardest not matter the circumstance, as Elizabeth Gilbert puts it, “Ole to you nonetheless.”