Cooper Hewitt

On December 4, 2017, I snuck away to Cooper Hewitt, a Graphic Design museum on the edge of Central Park by 86th street. It was a little chilly that day so I was glad to finally be inside. It was a quiet and inviting place with a bakery, cafe and logging area inside. There was a very nice Chair piece in the lobby of that area.

My ticket to Cooper Hewitt

Bench, Dragon, 2014

At the admissions desk, there were two women who gave me my ticket and a really cool pen to save pieces, designs and architechture to my account online called the “Retrieve Your Visit At” on there website. The code was “j7qj”. You can all view my stay HERE. I took as many things as possible, but I was still intrigued by everything.

Here are select few that I loved:

Bracelet, 2009

Table, Kilovoxel, Digital Matter, 2011

Clockwork Love Wings Gold Necklace In Box, 2009

Cricket Cage And Base (Japan), late 19th century

Dome-shaped Arcitechtural Staircase Model, mid-19th century

I ended up staying for a good two hours until I realized I couldn’t stay all day. I had a GREAT time and would love to go back some time.