Reflection 3: Marian Bantjes TED Talk

In my last class in topics of Graphic Design, I had the privilege to watch Intricate Beauty By Design, a TED Talk presentation by Marian Bantjes. Marian Bantjes is a graphic designer and also a hands on inventive and creative soul. She uses anything she can get her hands on and turns it into a masterpiece. From sugar, to Christmas cards, she uses anything to visually tell a story.

While watching this TED Talk, I realize that I can go just about anywhere with what I do. From my first reflection to this one, I am certain that I’m headed in the right direction. I do what whatever is artistically necessary to get where I need and want to be. Sure, I still and always will have more to learn and craft, and that’s fine, but I like where I am right now and am still trying anything to see what fits me. From there I will work on my future.

I love artists and designers who can make anything out of… well… anything. I aspire to be like that. I remember for a project that I did when I first started, I made words out of medicine and all things sickly; Tissue box, used napkins, tablets, band aids,etc. I spelled “SICK” with it, obviously. I also managed to make another word out of rocks and strings. It took 2 hours to finish “DEEP”, but it was SO worth it. I think I still have the rocks I used for that somewhere.

Physical Typography: Sick 1b

Physical Typography: Deep 2b

I believe that in the world of art and design, the world is yours canvas. ALL OF IT. for example, Marian Bantjes used sugar to make her intricate typography. She used dried flowers, old Christmas cards, a penny, collage– I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s used water and food coloring… I kind of what to try that.

Looking at everything so far and what I’ve been shown in my class, I have to allow myself to try everything, never take “no” for an answer when brainstorming to come to a solution that could “inspire a playwright, or a novelist, or a scientist, and that in turn may be the seed that inspires a doctor, a philanthropist, or a babysitter.” I want to be that person who can add to the inspiration. I want to make a change with what I love to do, visually problem solve.