Journal #16: Conclusion

The day came when I finished my time at my internship. I had a lot f fun and learned a lot about working together with a group of people, being taught new things and ideas from those round me. I have had the pleasure of meeting many creative minds and kind souls who worked alongside me to get the job of Alexapath done. I was able to work in a environment that allowed me to be independent in my on right, while sticking to what I learned at City Tech. I hope that while moving on, I can look back and be proud of the work that I have done and plan to finish in the future. I am more than happy to present this experience to those who would like to know what it was like to be a part of this inspiring start-up company.

-November 20, 2017

Journal #15: Mentors

I really appreciated my internship. I’ve learned so much about what it’s like to be a part of a professional company. Regardless of it being a start up company, Alexapath has accepted me as their graphic designer, creating and then printing visuals for their instructions to properly using their devices and the brochure used in their conferences in India. I have to say that I’ve also met some very cool people. My CEO made me feel like I was always welcome. Even though he was my boss, he still made me feel comfortable to have casual and funny conversations instead of just business. On my last day at Alexapath, I was told from that I was a great asset to the team and they hope to see me around. I am happy to say that even though I didn’t find a mentor at Alexapath, I can proudly say that I have made very interesting and well worth it connections.

-November 17, 2017

Journal #14: Moving On

I’ve taken the time to think a lot about what I’ll be doing after I finish this internship here ta Alexapath. I believe that I was given a refresher course at this start up company. I did research, wrote out and typed up what I found, worked with others in the small office we call home, thumbnail many… and I mean MANY thumbnails for the projects I was given, received critique on those thumbnails, re thumbnail the thumbnails, put ideas together, had meetings about what was being done in the company, designed, printed, redesigned, reprinted… RE redesigned… RE reprinted (how many times I was given tiny critiques after being told to reprint and redesign I seemed to have forgotten lol but really, who’s counting??) I’ve come in on days when the office was empty to get the design JUST right- The good stuff. I’ve had a lot of time to laugh and bug out, while also get things done with both my CEO and my co-workers. It’s a pretty laid back environment here. I like the close knit atmosphere that I got when I started interning here. I would stay if I were getting paid LOL (I have things to pay for man!!). Regardless, I will always enjoy the time I had here, and will take what I experienced to my next internship or job.

-November 14, 2017

Journal #13: Internships Interactions

First and foremost, I want to thank NYU for supplying my need for food. I love food. Let that be known. I love everything that comes with it too- conversations, small talk (sometimes they lead to intellectual and philosophic conversation), and meeting new people. I have met a few people, but was never able to get anything out of our encounters. Our start up comapny shares a room with about 8 other start ups and down- low successful companies (I think one of them is called PaperSpace, which I’ve heard before somewhere) which is a good thing because sometimes, we would walk over to other companies to ask to share things, vice versa, and often be let in on intro that is being done in those companies. The one thing I can say (after the dogs and babies that have entered Suite 312 at Jay 20) is that there are some very chilled, relaxed and friendly people around me, and for that I am thankful.

-November 13, 2017

Journal #12: Job Evaluation

I feel like in the atmosphere of Alexapath, I blend in quite well. There isn’t really much to say to this. I work when I need to, I am considerate of others and their space, I bring in food for those at Alexapath, I check up on my fellow co-workers and ask them if they need any information form me for their section of project (vice versa); I believe that I am a well- rounded pleasant individual. There’s only but so much I can say about myself, due to the fact that I am who I am on a daily basis. I work very well with people because ht one doc the day, our goals are the same at Alexapath.

-November 13, 2017

Journal #11: Almost There

I’m almost at the finish line of this internship. I can say my life here has been pretty successful and plentiful when working either by myself or with those at the office. We get along very well and it’s very pleasant being there, no matter what dilemmas we run into as a whole. We work in the office and also share what we have so far or need on We also have time to take breaks and she jokes, music, schedules, events, to do lists, etc. It’s great being a part of this (I just wish I got paid.).

-November 8, 2017

Journal #10: Collaborations

Working with as a graphic designer and illustrator is fun in the sense that you need inspiration from the world around you to manifest your thoughts and ideas. I work with everyone at the office. To count all of us in total, there are now 6 of us. Again, alexapath is a startup company, so it’s still in the works and it’s still a little on the tiny side. Regardless of the size, we done some pretty incredible things. Alexapath had shipped there devices to Tanzania, India, Mexico and are on there way to doing bigger and better things for patheologists and the world of medicine. It’s a really good feeling to know that I am a part of a growing thing. It feels even better when I find out that the first instructions manual prototype the I made is being used in Tanzania. AFRICA MAN!!! I could cry knowing that I am working for a world that I’ve grown up in– health, care and medicine. I’m proud of what I’ve been doing so far and am still so happy that I was given this opportunity.

-November 6, 2017


Journal #9: Pace

I’ve come to realize that sometimes in designing and collaborating, not everyone is going to always be on the same page, and not everyone works at the same pace. To me, that’s okay because everyone is different and make the steps possible for them to get to the same common goal at the end of the day. I’ve experienced this at Alexapath and find it A OK. I get to go back, taking a few breathers or stepping away from the project for a few moments. I am able to stop and take a look at the project through fresh new eyes. It gets blinding to keep at something like an instructions manual in the sense that you start to not see the LITTLE mistakes made (grammar, consistent composition and type, image placement, etc.). I’m glad that I work at a faster rate than I thought that I would be able to work. Once through with research, intense formatting and thumb-nailing, I understand what needs to be done, and work my way to the finish line, regardless of how many times my group and I have to take a pause.

-November 1, 2017


Journal #8: Working

I have a way of working when I know I have to get A LOT done. I’ve depended on music ALL my life, so that would only mean that I depend on music while working. Hey! I’m even listening to music as I make this post. Honey by Kehlani, how you bless my ears!! Harmonizing is GREAT with this– I’m getting side tracked!!… ANYWAY, I am very focused at Alexapath. I was so glad to have found a pair of head phones in my bedroom early on in my internship. Instructions manuals and brochures tend to get a little tiresome and my in silence (Don’t get me wrong. I still adore designing things). All I have to do now is put the rest of the pictures in this instructions manual and then I’ll be on my way.

-October 30, 2017

Journal #7: Day In The Life Of

So a regular day for Mijori (third person activate) is she comes in at 11:30 and clears Patrick’s, her teammate, things off of her work station. It’s all spread out every single time. She jokes about it with him and then finally rests her things down where she sits, school bag, jacket or sweater, water bottle and all. She then goes to get water or tea from the kitchen area and goes back to the Mac at her station. She turns in on, signs in and begins her work for the day. She checks her “To Do List” that she made the day prior to see what she has set out to do that day. Mijori also makes her daly log for the day as she works and crosses out tasks on her daily “To Do List”. As she goes through with designing and tweaking each thing, she runs it past her CEO, who then tells her yes, no, and or what needs to be changed. She works with the CEO afterwards to get to where both the instructions manual and brochure need to be. After a LOT of tea, oatmeal and staring at her designs, she calls it day and goes home (or to to school if she has class soon after).

-October 23, 2017

Journal #6: Reflections

I know the from leading a group of people, the leader isn’t always going to be there to lead. Sometimes the one in charge of running things has to tend to other parts of life like run a few errands, or the care of their health and or family matters. In Alexapath’s case, sometimes we, including the CEO get sick (as every other human on this planet does) or sometimes some of us go to India. INDIA. The thought of traveling really excites me, but for some reason it’s extra cool when I am told that a select few of the engineers from this start-up company have to got to India for few weeks. It makes everything feel so legit. Regardless or that, while being an intern at Alexapath, I learned that in this industry, there will be times when not everyone will be in the office at the same time, but it is still everyone else’s duty to keep doing their job. That part is a given, but it feels nice to know that the team is never far away, no matter literally how far away (in India) they are. It’s a great feeling when we can still chat about the project and about what happens with our daily lives. It makes me feel like I’m a part of their community.

-October 11, 2017

Journal #5: Realizations

So it’s been a little while since I started here at Alexapath. I’ve been having fun so far. I am still able to work with everyone on the team in terms of what is needed for my section of the responsibility at the company. Regardless of the, I have still met up with some challenges (not big ones, but still). I forgot that in the world of design, there will be times when a design concepts will be retouched… and retouched… and retouched… and retouched. This is fine because to me, a project is never really done. There will be times when more can be done with a concept or design, or things can be tweaked EVER SO SLIGHTLY to make a design even better than before. I cannot show my designs for Alexapath on Openlab because of confidentiality issues and it would be a shame for both me and Alexapath if I do broadcast what we are working before it is done.

-October 4, 2017

Journal #4: Leanring

A lot has changed for me since I started at Alexapath. When I first started, I was excited to experience what comes with both being an intern and what it takes to be a part of the team. I have my own responsibilities to ensure that pieces of the company come together. since I am the only designer at this start-up company, I am responsible of designing the visual concepts for Alexapath’s prints. I have the opportunity to be in charge of the design for the instructions manual and brochure. I learned that I have to make sure the entire brand, including the prints for the instructions manual and brochure, are consistent and tie into everything else. My CEO, Lou, is happy with work I’ve been doing so far, so hopefully I can keep the concepts that Alexapath has already alive through my work.

-September 25, 2017

Journal #3: Company Culture

Walking in everyday is always like a breath of fresh at Alexapath. It’s never up tight or stressful. At first, from the interview, I was thinking if I should wear clothes that make me look more business casual, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is dressed like they can easily got stroll in the park, or stay get dressed and stay home and relax. The only time where I had to wear business casual clothing for for “Picture Day”. We had to go to the rooftop where the outside lounge area is and take professional pictures to put on the Alexapath website. We clean up nicely. Most days, if it’s WAY too hot, I come in with flip flops or sandals. We work in rows, sitting right next to each other, but too close where we’re breathing down each other’s backs. It’s pretty homely in our little space. We have two very long tables woth computer and a decent sized place in front of each computer to do physical, hands on work. We work really hard all day while e’re there, so when we do finish or need to eat, we go to Chinatown, relax by the piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park, or eat in the office. NYU owns the building, so one Thursday a month we are treated to a free lunch. Those are the best days.

-September 18, 2017

Journal #2: The Interview

My job at Alexapath is to design the look of their brand. I have made the brochure, Instructions manual 1.0, 1.2 and am in the process of making instructions manual 2.0 and have to make the sleeve for the device packaging. My supervisor is also the CEO of the start up company. His name is Louis Auguste.

Louis Auguste at NYU Polytechnic Research Expo 2015

I did what every student looking for an internship does; apply to a BUNCH of internships daily. I applied to 24 internships in a matter of 2 days. I got a date for when I was supposed to come in for interview and got there an hour early. I realized that I knew someone at Alexapath, a very good friend of mine who codes the layouts for the Alexapath website and all of its functions (with other coders of course). When I met Louis, for my one-on -one interview, I showed him my brand portfolio. It was an series that I had created for a brand called “Tru St”. I let him look at the entire book and answered all of the questions he had, explaining to him what my process was for creating Tru St.’s look and feel, from color to typography, placement, use of color and so on and so forth. He loved my designs and asked me when I wanted to start. My days to come in became Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30 to 5:00 and 3:30 to 6:30. The vibe was chilled out but all about business and getting things done.

-September 17, 2017

Journal #1: About Alexapath

Alexapath is an award winning company built by a collaboration of engineers, medical doctors and community development experts. Together using Internet of Things (IoT) to build aftermarket accessories and proprietary software, Alexapath has created a digital pathology system to make microscopes smarter.

Alexapath Logo

At first, in the beginning of my internship, there were 13 of us. Now, since of the company was interns who finished their internship, there are now 5 of us including me. I am the only designer in this start up company so far, brainstorming and making thumb nails, crafting, designing, typing out and printing the company’s brand and all physical copies of instruction manuals and brochures for their devices. We share a room with 8 other companies. Since our company is still a start up company, it would be best not to share specific details about Alexapath’s device because it is still in the works. At this time, Alexapath is a private company. Their mission in their business is to make microscopes smarter and to allow live viewing of a specimen with those around the world. Their clients are lab technicians, pathologists and others in the medical field who view specimens under the microscope to make diagnosis on a patient. I work with both front end and back end coders, gathering information to make the product easier for clients. Here are a few things that they have done

NYU Tandon

I am happy to say that I am a part of this start up company, working together to make the world of medicine faster and better for the world.

Click the logo to see Alexapath’s website!

-September 13, 2017