V.Q.C. Scottish Proverb

This year in Communication Workshop, I started from scratch with my visual quote concepts. This year’s quote was “Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whiskey.” a Scottish proverb that I found on Pinterest. I made four designs to this quote to visually enhance what this saying truly means.

My first concept was hand drawn and then tweaked on the computer. I made the words “RAIN” and “WHISKEY” bigger than the rest of the words in the bottle. I chose to make “Today” and “is tomorrow’s” in a white condensed sans serif typeface so that in the process of seeing “RAIN” and “WHISKEY” first, the viewer does not lose sight of the words around them. I made the colors and of “RAIN” and “WHISKEY” blend together to express the rain becoming whiskey, as said in the actual quote.

The second concept is a bottle pouring out the words “Today’ rain is tomorrow’s whiskey.” I turned all of the dots blue and smudged them to make the seem like they were almost flowing to the end of the quote. I then made the word “whiskey” darker to separate the word from the rest of the quote. I aligned the quote again on the top to the word “whiskey” and placed the link of the picture flush left on the bottom.

This concept is the same as the picture before except. The only things I changed were the placement of the link, which is now flush top right, taking the actual quote out, and aligning “-Sottish Proverb” with “whiskey”.


My last conceptual image is a glass of whiskey and rain. I was looking to be literal in this image in such a way that the rain becomes the whiskey in the glass. I then aligned “Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whiskey.” with the bottom of the glass links to the images flush bottom left to the picture.




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