V.Q.C. Martin Luther

In my Graphic Principles, we were assigned to make there visual concepts from one quote. It was a little difficult trying to even pick a quote that stuck with me but, such was the process of starting something like this. After several quote websites, the quote that I stuck worth was “Even if I knew that the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” by Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a German theologist, studying the true nature of God and religious beliefs.During the German Reformation, he preached the doctrine of justification by faith rather than by works and went against the corruption of the church and their indulgences and papal authority. I was to make two visual text concepts and one visual image concept.

GRA 1111 Visual Concept

For my first visual concept I decided to make my first visual text concept. I made a globe in pieces. In each piece of the world, I the word “pieces” continuously so that each broken piece of the world was a word instead of an image, representing pieces with pieces. I chose the color yellow because in some cases, yellow represents danger. I felt that yellow was the perfect color for such a visual concepts also because of the fact that it foot with the colors blue and green, the other most seen colors in this image.

GRA 1111 Visual Concept 2
The second outcome of my visual concept so happened to be an image with very little text to it. The base of the image takes the form of a brightly colored apple. As the image ascends, the stem of the apple becomes a tree with the quote “Even if I knew that the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree” cut up into pieces and placed on the branches in different colors, representing autumn or leaves turning color and eventually falling.
The last of the three was another visual text concept. This is the more simple of the three. After toying around with the text, I ended up highlighting the word “pieces” by making it the color yellow and breaking up the words– into pieces. I made a somewhat transparent flip on tomorrow and plant. The flip under tomorrow represents another day, and the flip under plant represents the underground section of a plant.

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