What is a Database, How does a search engine work? [Group]

Group Project 10/15

[Frank, Sandy, Benny]

What is a Database, How does a search engine works?

Database –

A collection of data that can be found using categorized procedures are called a data base. The amount of information that’s out there is infinite but with a database it’s all organized. We can use simple keywords or certain commands to help narrow our search. Word such as OR, And, and Not. These commands serve as three main keywords that helps narrow down your search to relevant links on which you’re searching for. Using few words or too many keywords might prevent you from finding the right type of useful data. Other option that can be used are Hierarchies. Hierarchies help by filtering out the context of a phrase avoiding confusion on the meaning of the keyword.

Search Engine –

Most websites receive traffic from search engines through generic category keywords and branded keywords. And this varies depending on how you spelled out the word, and that language you used. Generic keywords traffic refers to search term such as green-t-shirts or red jacket and branded keywords are terms searched by brand name such as Nike or Adidas. The ideal way to get more traffic is to find what term people use to search to enter the website, and include that word in the site for more traffic.


  1. How would you determine if the information we use isn’t bunch of garbage mixed in with useful information?
  2. What strategies do you use when researching information within a search engine database?
  3. Are there any search engines that make it easier to find usable information?
  4. What search engine tactics do you find more useful? Such as Or, And, and Not or using Hierarchies?
  5. Are you satisfied with your search using category keyword and branded keywords?
  6. If company refines words in their website to have more traffic, wouldn’t that mislead your search?


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