Is the search engine a good thing or a bad one?

We use the internet search engine to look up information that we need to complete our work, projects, or find the knowledge that we are looking for. But sometimes we dont get what we are looking for. Sometimes we get things that are related to what we are looking for but not exactly what we are looking for. But thats because we dont make use of the advance search options that are provided with the search engines that are provided to us, for example something like google and their advanced search options. If we were to use the advanced search options we would have a better and easier time finding what we need.

One thought on “Is the search engine a good thing or a bad one?

  1. ohlynn wright

    extra extra read all about it , wait we don’t need that anymore search engines are the quarter boys of the 21st century they push the information they deem important to us and the ads that pay them the most to visual broadcast to the consumers who fit the profile of the “salable patron” to the specific ad


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