Copyright…my right to copy!

Grey discusses copyright laws and the latest advancement in copyright infringement.  He notes that while laws are becoming stricter,  the means to ascertain copyrighted material hasn’t. This poses a highly confusing , albeit interesting, argument in the ethics and morals of technology usage.

Everyone needs food and shelter as it is a basic human necessity. In order provide for ones self, money becomes the most invaluable commodity;  especially in a city where the price for a one bedroom apartment in South Bronx can buy you a three bedroom house in southern states. This begs the question; “Is it really a serious crime to copyright infringe?” In latent terms, its something virtually everyone does. I’m not advocating for breaking whatsoever laws. However, it being such a massively committed act, is it really justifiable to send people to prison for years (CEO of Mega Upload) for something 10 year old Billy does in his spare time?

One thought on “Copyright…my right to copy!

  1. Sara G

    Yes everyone needs food and shelter as well as money and maybe fame. numerous people that have shown the world there talents of writing, filming and singing also want to show us that they own the right to protect there stuff. For them it is a crime and they want to show us that we have to respect there work. However I am agreeing for what they do because they are already getting a lot of profit from there work. One must not be so greed for money. I also do not agree that for someone copy righting should go to prison. It is completely absurd. I am not saying that nothing should be done about it but that it shouldn’t be pushed to the extreme.


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