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Learning Log #4


  1. 3 point lighting with background light

2. 3 point lighting with hair light

3. Butterfly Lighting


4. Edge Lighting


For this week, We were learning all about 3 point lighting. It was a bit of fun having all of us in the group be the model of the day instead of both me and my groupmate Jason. For these shots, I love how the 3 points lighting with the background lighting was my most successful shot especially since my group and i use the green gel for our background. but this week shooting had to be one of my favorites.

Learn Log #4

this is an example of edge lighting

this is an example of butterfly / clamshell lighting

this is an example of lighting with background light

this is an example of 3 point light with hair light

For these shots I let the lighting determine what my subject’s mood reflected in each photo. For example, in the edge lighting and lighting with background light, I kept things more edgy since the light was harsher. For the butterfly / clamshell lighting I wanted to capture my subject in a lighter mood. Lastly for the 3 point lighting with hair light, I felt the mood was more dramatic so I had my subject mimic that emotion.

Learning Log #4 – Portrait Lighting 2

3 Point Background

Butterfly Light

Edge Lighting

3 Point Hair Light

In todays class, we learn a second set of portrait lighting. The four are three point lighting with background, butterfly light, edge lighting, and three point hair light. Three point background uses three different lighting, two on the sides and one in the back. Butterfly lighting is having the light over the subject creating a butterfly shadow under the nose. Edge lighting uses two lights on each side to create a highlight edge around the subject. And lastly, three point hair uses one main light and a soft secondary lighting with a reflector or none.

learning log#4

Edge lighting 

 Butterfly lighting

3 point lighting with background light

3 point lighting with hair light

For these photoshoots we learned about background lights that you use with 3 different points of light so that you light up the background , There was also 3 point light with hair light , butterfly lighting , Edge lighting . I use 1/200, F 9.0 OR 11 , ISO 100 , these photos came out the way that I wanted.

Learning Log#4

3pt lighting with background light

3pt lighting with hair light









Edge Lighting

Butterfly Lighting

Clamshell lighting


In todays class we learned about different types of lighting. Each giving off a different feel to it. I like the 3pt lighting with hair light it came out really nice especially the light that came off the hat. The 3pt lighting with background light also came out really nice. I loved how the lighting in the background made her glow.


Amaris Marte Learning Log #4

3 Point Lighting wit Background light

3 Point Lighting wit Hair light

Butterfly/Clamshell lighting

Edge lighting

By learning the different shots I wanted to implement different lighting by making the model’s seem dramatic with the dark background and to have a side shadow with the 3 point wit hair light. The last one with the red background I used a lighting showing both sides but almost looking neutral.

Midterm Proposal

For my midterm I want to tell a story of a man rescuing the woman he loves similar to how Mario rescues Princess peach from Bowser. The story is going to involve two drawing mannequins: a male(Marcus) and a female(Joyce). Then out of the blue a giant male drawing mannequin named Brutus comes and starts to act hostile. Then Marcus proceeds to challenge Brutus to a fight, he then loses and Brutus kidnaps Joyce. Then Marcus goes through a training montage to gain the strength necessary to challenge Brutus and rescue his lover. Then Marcus approaches Brutus for round 2, wins the fight and rescues his girlfriend.

Learning Log 4 NSJR

Edge Lighting

Butterfly/clamshell lighting


Background Light


3 point lighting with color


For todays lesson I was able to learn I was able to understand how to take better portrait shots better and enjoy doing it as well. As you can see out of all of the photos I took, these are my best out of all of them. The edge was enjoyable because not being on a black or white background we had red. The one that was most enjoyable to take was the 3 point lighting with color.

Learning Log 4


Butterfly Lighting:

Hair Light:

Edge Light:


Background Light:

For todays class, we learned about different forms of lighting: Butterfly, background, edge, and hair. I was able to do these shots with a high shutter speed, and low ISO. These pictures came out successful especially the hair light.