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Learning Log #12

My partner and I decided to look over the gallery “All Art is Photography.” The gallery is interesting from the start based on the title. Once you step inside the virtual gallery, there’s a variety of images from the gallery. Some of the pieces show off early eras and current images. However, there’s a twist to them.

For starters, they show off famous paintings from 1700s or 1800s. Some were edited with hands taking photographs with their cell phones. It’s depicting how we, in modern society, take photos in everyday events. Now with phones, we have the habit of taking photos of everything without hesitating.

Overall, the gallery is fun to go through. The Virtual Tour for “All Art is Photography” has display a small view of how we take moments through our phones. The lighting of the gallery can be questionable based on the different tones. The older paintings are shown with warmer lighting while the newer covered with transparency film with the whitest settings. Not sure if it’s to reflect a purpose, but the lighting can have be kept in the same settings.

Homework #9 – Recreating

For this recreating assignment, I combine the look from the series Money Heist. The two aspect I combined were the outfit from one poster and the posture from another. I had a black background with a light source facing towards it to give the grey cloudy look. Another light source is the on the side on the subject and tried to get the triangle lighting on the face. Overall, I like the way the photo came out and would attempt to make it again.

Learning Log #10

This learning log is to take photos of one subject and show different aspects through collage. For this exercise, I decided to frame the subject based on a three by three grid. From top left corner to the bottom right corner, it shows the levels of lighting from light to dark. I also frame the subject from different view points from front, sides, top, and low views.

Learning Log #9

Silhouette / Back Lit

Side Lit

Front Lit

Today’s learning log is to capture portraits with natural lighting through a window. It was a bit difficult to get a frontal view due to the lack of window lighting in my location. However, it was a good experience to capture different views and lighting positions with the window. I used a white cardboard to reflect some light back to the subject and was able to get more visible details in the photos. Overall, it was a good practice in managing lighting from a fix source.

Learning Log #8 – Food Photography

In today’s learning log, we had to learn to photograph food. To enhance the food, there are different methods on how you can achieve it. One of the methods I used was natural sunlight from the window. Another way I use the light from outside is using a reflector which was a white cardboard to get some additive light to the grapes. Overall it was a fun assignment to find out the “perfect” setup to help enhance the look of the grapes. Something I want to dive in as a career in the future.

Learning Log #6 – Product Photography

This learning log is to enhance the product through editing. The steps require a blank background with the product place on the photographer decision with a source of lighting. After capturing the image, the image is to be edited on photoshop to make the product pop. The lesson to select the object and erase any imperfections is a good lesson in my option. It can translate to other factors rather than products.

Learning Log #5

Today’s lesson is the use of long exposure and light painting. We had to use different shutter speed for each photo and different methods on using the light. The first photo is using a pixel stick for the flames and using my phone to create the horns and tail for the theme. The second photo I used dual exposure by lighting multiple positions to create this illusion. Lastly, the last photo is having the subject in the center and use the light to write out her name.

Midterm Concept

My midterm concept is a photographer version of Death Note the anime. The photographer finds a camera in a public park with odd markings on the side. He/She decide to look for hints through the gallery. The gallery is filled with blank images and one image of instructions. Based on your settings determine the outcome of the subject. Unaware of its power, the photographer took some photos while hitting home. Turn on the tv and notice the news stating multiple deaths in New York City. Then realized those people are the ones he/she photographed earlier that day.

Learning Log #4 – Portrait Lighting 2

3 Point Background

Butterfly Light

Edge Lighting

3 Point Hair Light

In todays class, we learn a second set of portrait lighting. The four are three point lighting with background, butterfly light, edge lighting, and three point hair light. Three point background uses three different lighting, two on the sides and one in the back. Butterfly lighting is having the light over the subject creating a butterfly shadow under the nose. Edge lighting uses two lights on each side to create a highlight edge around the subject. And lastly, three point hair uses one main light and a soft secondary lighting with a reflector or none.