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Learning Log #3 – Portrait Lighting 1

Short Lighting

Broad Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting

Loop Lighting

Split Lighting

This lesson is to use different portrait lighting for the subject. Each have their own different feel and look. Broad and short have a similar composition but different use of lighting. Broad focuses more light on the subjects face while Short uses less light on the face. Rembrandt and loop are similar but different. Loop is the edging of the shadow on the nose while Rembrandt creates a triangle lighting on the subjects cheek. And lastly, Split is using the lighting adjacent from the subject to make a slice on the center of the face, one side being lit while the other side is dark.

Learning Log #2

In this class, we learn how to use lighting and composition. The use of lighting can change the mood of the scene. Some ways of doing so is creating highlights and shadows. I used the lighting on the skull to give some highlights to stand out from the rest in the photo. The second photo I focused more on telling a scene or story by giving the back dinosaur more shadow to blend in with the background. It gives off as if the dinosaur is appear from the darkness. And lastly, the last photo is an overall look of using both highlights and shadows.

Learning Log #1

For this learning session, I was focusing on how I can use lighting for my photos. I try to give each photo a different outcome based on the lights. The first photo focus more on the subjects face giving her some definition and clear view of her face. The second photo I had the subject from the opposite side of the light to give shadow and highlight on her face. Lastly, the third photo was from above giving the wall a clear backdrop for the subject the stand out a bit.

Jean Carlos Pichardo Homework #1 – Photographer Blog Post

The photographer I chose is Alex Noriega for his landscape photography. This photo caught my attention by the amount of detail it shows. You can see the flow of the fog and water in the scenery by the use of long exposure. He also used the rule of third to show different “stories” in the photo, both horizontal and vertical. Just the overall view of the photo gives me excitement and wishing I can be there in person to witness this beauty.