Midterm Concept

My midterm concept is a photographer version of Death Note the anime. The photographer finds a camera in a public park with odd markings on the side. He/She decide to look for hints through the gallery. The gallery is filled with blank images and one image of instructions. Based on your settings determine the outcome of the subject. Unaware of its power, the photographer took some photos while hitting home. Turn on the tv and notice the news stating multiple deaths in New York City. Then realized those people are the ones he/she photographed earlier that day.

1 thought on “Midterm Concept

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Ooh, fun concept. Way back when cameras were still young some people believed that the camera taking your photo was capturing a piece of your soul. Could lean on ideas like that as well. I fizzled out on Death Note after a point. Got too convoluted lol. But the early episodes were great and I think it translates well to this concept.


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