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Learning Log #6


I used the tops to two white I had in my room for the backdrop and I used a lamp and this hand light I have for when I film stuff at night for the key and fill light. After taking the photo on my phone, I went ahead and brought the photo into photoshop and put a solid white background to give it the looked we talked about in class.

Learning Log#6 Anthony

i experimented with a variety of products, some proved to be more challenging than other to shoot. finding the right way to light proved more difficult than i was hoping for not working on an entirely white background was a challenge. i think moving them to Photoshop only helped to fix minor problems in the photographs, overall it was fun to experiment with lighting in different ways


The product that I chose is a can of Brisk Iced Tea. In this lesson what I learned was how to take pictures of products. How you should set them and how you should and where to shine light on the product to make it pop. The thing I learned most was in photoshop though since I don’t really use photoshop much so I learned a couple of new things.

learning log 5

In learning log 5 we did some led lights painting. I set up my camera by having the shutter speed at 6 seconds and my ISO 100 and F 4.0. Afterward, we all took turns with getting creative with the pixel sticks and flashlights we have. We were limited with the colors we have so we decided to put tape over our phone flashlights and color it with colorful pens.

Learning Log #5



For this class we worked with LED Lights. It was very exciting because I got to paint with the light however I wanted to. Frist I mount my DSLR camera on tripod and then I set my camera. I put the shutter speed all the way down to 6 seconds. I kept my ISO 100 and F 4.0. After that I started to make random shapes behind the subject.

Midterm Concept- Forhad Sunny

For my midterm concept, I’m thinking of doing a story based on a student who watches movies late night and forgets to put his phone on charge. He has a class at 7 A.M. in the morning but couldnt wake up becuase the alarm didnt go off since his phone turned off. He then woke up really late and rushed to the bathroom. Washed face and headed out to the train station but forgets to take his phone with him. He runs back to home and grabs his phone. On the way he stops to send a text message to the professor letting him know that he will be running late to the class.

Learning Log 5


While experimenting with light painting, my group and I utilized both pixel sticks and strobe lights. while manipulating shutter speeds, we were able to manage the time we had to create with the light. the more time we gave us the more complex we were, involving different colors of light as well. we also used color gel filters to change the color of the strobe light, adding a more moody effect to the image as well.

Learning log #5

for this shoot we played around a lot with both shutter speed and the aperture, we left the ISO at 100 and played around with shutter speed and aperture as we saw that a lot of our shots were coming out really dark, once we settle on an aperture of around 11 and a shutter speed usually around 10-15 we began to experiment with poses and different lights. we used a lot of different lights, we used pixel sticks to try and create outlines on the figure and we used pixel lights to create small drawings on the figure that made the pictures more fun and lively. for most of ours shots we wanted to create a variation of action shots and we used gels for most of these as they made them more intense. for some shots we used the gels to represent good and bad. overall we got some really interesting shots.