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learning log #12

for this learning log me and my partner look at the virtual tour for “between art and commerce” what i really like about this exhibit is how each artist focused on simple everyday thing and captured them in fun and unique ways. one that stood out to me in particular was a shot of paper clips put into an almost spherical shape.

me and my partner both agreed that out of the exhibits featured this was the most interesting, although we differed in taste, we both sound we each liked.

this was shot by Bryan Schutmaat, this was done for timex watches they wanted a series of shots throughout America as they were brining back production to the US. this was taken in New Mexico. I really like this shot because i’m a huge fan of rural shots and neon signs, what i really like about this shot is how the neon almost entirely covers the ground; it seems warm and inviting. Schutmaat does a lot of landscape photography and a lot of black and white so this picture really stands out among all his other work.

this was a really interesting and fun experience i know that this is not an entirely new concept as past museums have done it but its always a fun experience, one major gripe i have with this kind of virtual tour is not being able to click on the image and get a full view; for the shot by Bryan Schutmaat i had to go through his website to find the shot. overall a fun and interesting experience

Learning log #10

what i really enjoyed about this learning log is learning about david hackney, his polaroid work is really fun but i think it all works best if there is some time of action in the scene so thats why i went for his other type of work which was a collage although i didnt use the polaroid which i know goes against his art style i think for my post i was able to create something both visually interesting and visually pleasing. im going to keep trying this type of medium because it makes you really think outside the box.

learning log #11

this was a fun task ive really enjoyed taking pictures on a black ground because i like how the colors are much sharper in contrast. for this learning log i uploaded 3 different covers because i felt like all three had a personality of their own, my favorite was the one with the just the name of the magazine because it just seems much cleaner and more eye catching than the other, overall a fun learning log

Homework #9

i tried tackling two different album covers, i felt my a portrait album cover would be easier to shoot, i was wrong, depending on how much space your working with and the type of lights you can use to light your subject shooting your subject with whats at hand becomes more challenging. I ended up creating two album covers because the first one felt to easy and didnt seem creative enough so thats why i tried to tackle the piano man album cover because it seemed like a much more fun challenge, what i like about both was that i could use something i learned with our star lord project

learning log #9



front lit

front lit

side lit

side lit

for this learning log we tackled using natural light ,ive used natural a lot before so i kind of knew what to expect, one thing that was a lot of trouble was using backlit because if you dont have enough distance or a good angle your subject can often be absorbed by the light. i think my favorite was the side lit because it creates a lot of depth on the subject.

Learning log #8

these were a fun challenge ive never tried doing food photography before and i dont often use natural light to light my subjects so this was a good challenge to find the best angles for each item. i practiced i=with a variety of zoomed out pictures and i felt this is the one that turned out the best. as for the other photographs i really like close up shots of products so i always try to shoot a variety of close up and these really highlight the freshness of each item.

Learning Log #7 Product Composite

this was a really fun learning log, i was able to understand how mask work which is something i have had trouble with in the past. what i really like about this learning log is being able to work with different highlights and pick and choose the best highlights to create the ultimate picture. for my edit i wanted the eyes of the helmet to pop and the high lights to be mostly central to the front, i felt like it gives it a sort of hero vibe. i didnt touch up the smaller details but i did focus on details like the side grill and the brow which had a strong high light. overall a fun and interesting learning log.

Learning Log#6 Anthony

i experimented with a variety of products, some proved to be more challenging than other to shoot. finding the right way to light proved more difficult than i was hoping for not working on an entirely white background was a challenge. i think moving them to Photoshop only helped to fix minor problems in the photographs, overall it was fun to experiment with lighting in different ways

Learning log #5

for this shoot we played around a lot with both shutter speed and the aperture, we left the ISO at 100 and played around with shutter speed and aperture as we saw that a lot of our shots were coming out really dark, once we settle on an aperture of around 11 and a shutter speed usually around 10-15 we began to experiment with poses and different lights. we used a lot of different lights, we used pixel sticks to try and create outlines on the figure and we used pixel lights to create small drawings on the figure that made the pictures more fun and lively. for most of ours shots we wanted to create a variation of action shots and we used gels for most of these as they made them more intense. for some shots we used the gels to represent good and bad. overall we got some really interesting shots.