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Learning Log #12

After exploring the virtual tour with my partner Sasha we were both amazed by not only the 3D virtual navigation tool used but the beautiful thought provoking artwork displayed in the museum. We went through different artworks that used materials to create a scene of 3 dimensional models to bring a history back to life. During the tour, we noticed the 3D and surreal concept theme throughout some of the art work. What also caught our eye was the capture of a brutal execution in the middle east that also used models in different positions and shadows that symbolized a strong message. Lastly, we enjoyed the tour of the museum, it was every bit interesting.



Learning Log #11

Making this Magazine Cover was really exciting. I took my time creating this cover page with a photo I took of a guy I captured last week wearing this colorful mask. I wanted this cover to reflect todays trend and current events, hence the topics I chose. I tried to play with colors and hues. I think it all ties together quite well.

Learning Log #9

This time we had to work on natural light photos with a person. Unfortunetly, I do not have another person to work with so I took pictures of a figurine. Instead of placing my object near the window, I decided to place it on the floor of my room so that my photos rendered a broader reflection of the natural light from my windows on the object. I managed to capture three angles here. I think all in all it turned out ok. Though there is definitely room for improvement.

Learning Log #8


It was interesting capturing fruits with natural light near my the window. I tried to capture angles that reflected more light given it was barely any sun outside. Though it was a rainy day, I think I did the best I could. I could improve my angles more and of course I wish I had more to work with in terms of background and lighting. Either way, I had just enough light exposure to snap a few photos of the stack of bananas and oranges.

Learning Log #7

During class, we learned about composition. we learned how it was showed when certain spots hit the product to capture it. The professor showed us a way to replicate an image light through Photoshop. I was able to get certain lights but I wasn’t able to capture it exactly. However, in this photo, I didn’t do any edits to it but I’m going use it again because this could be a form of composition. The light hits it from the left side and was able to shine the left and the right side is dark.

Learning Log #3 – Potrait Lighting 1

Rambrant,  SplitLoop, SplitRambrandt, Split, Short

Today was an interesting shooting day. I got a chance to experiment with portrait photography through split lighting, loop, and Rembrandt styles. The color gel brought out an interesting effect on some of my photos. I really enjoyed todays class. I look forward to utilizing some of these techniques in my own photography.



Learning Log#2

in class, we shot still life shots and try to incorporate high key shots and lowkey shots. We mostly shot lowkey shots. The shot with the mask, our group try to create a dark scene. Having one mask in front lit up and the second in the back with part of the mask lit up. Also having one mask in front and one in the back created depth to the photo. The second set of photos we investigated with different items. For these photographs, we made a drug, gambling, death theme. Overall this was an interesting fun session of photography. I learned that the lighting and backdrop can create the mood of the items.

learning log #2

Photography class learning to shoot photos of objects. I shot the picture where you can somewhat see the face of the second mask in the background of the first picture. The yellow mask has a light and dark side to it which gives it more of a pop. The second two pictures, I think me and my group went off topic and just took pictures of the objects and creating a story to them. We gave the objects a story of what happens when you gamble.

Learning log #1 Eric Arellano

These sets of photos I use the natural light coming from the window. It was a blue dim cloudy light. I tried to reflect my partner to the window too. I tried to also create a moody scene in the classroom. Having my partner sit between two lights from the ceiling making the light shine on his cheekbones and his center face in shadow.