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Learning Log 12

My partner and I checked out the ” All Art is Photography” exhibition. I enjoy the Virtual tour, it was like going into google maps and getting to your destination. The images above are two things I liked about this exhibition. The first art is from Antonio Perez Rio and the second is from Nick Waplington. This exhibit has a big opening space for many people to come and visit. The main lights where mostly from the art on the walls which create a good focus on the art.

What I found interesting from Antonio Perez Rio’s art was that they all had phones taking a picture of another art. This reminded me of today’s society, we all take pictures of everything in our phones now. Back then to get a good quality picture we needed a good camera like a DSLR or a point and shoot. What I found interesting from Nick Waplington’s art was that he had this light coming from the window and it created art on the wall. He captures this art with a large format camera. They all had some kind of color which made this an interesting photo.

Overall this was a cool experience trying a new way of exploring an exhibition. In my other class, we did something this but we created advertising for a Virtual Museum. Being able to use this virtual tour made me realize how this can be useful.

Learning Log 11

I used a photo we took from the class. I like this photo because I liked the high angle shot of this photo and the background was all white so it made the model pop with his black hoodie. His face was lit up perfectly as well. I feel like this is something similar to a magazine like “time” would go for.

learning log #10

I doing this assignment I felt like it was to tell more of a story and to emphasize it within a photo. So with just a car photo and a monkey, it will look simple and not much of an idea but with multiple photos, it created more of a depth and close up to the photo on what is going on.




During Class, we try to use natural light to light up our subject. From previous classes, we used lighting equipment to light up our subject. Using natural made a natural light shine on the subject.

Learning Log 8

My brother bought a box of donuts yesterday and there were a few left. I used this pretty colorful donut because it stood out from the box. I remember I had some sprinkles so I used some to match the donuts. My light source was sunlight, it wasn’t directly hitting my room because of a scaffolding but it was enough to brighten up the donut. Overall this was cool, I have seen some youtube videos about photography like this and people use like other ingredients to make the subject pop.

learning log #7

This activity was pretty cool. I know a few friends who do this kind of stuff but for landscape. I had fun doing this and it was a challenge. I haven’t been using photoshop lately but this was different, I use to replace the sky of a photo I took of the city and put a sunset instead. But I can see myself doing this kind of stuff in the future so it was good getting some experience and ideas.


Learning log #6

I choose two box items and then I challenged myself with a floating controller on the last one. I put tape to hold the controller up. The shadow is a bit off but I will learn over time. I used my phone to light up these items. Overall it was fun, taking pictures of something and being creative during these tough times.

Learning log #4


Edge lighting


Butterfly Lighting

3point-lighting with hair light

3point lighting with hair light

In this class session, we learn different lighting using multiple lights. Having different directional lights really change the mood of the photo. Like the butterfly lighting really made the model pop-out. Learn a lot this day using different light techniques.

Learning log #3











In this class session, we learn how to use the lighting equipment to create different lighting and shadows. This was interesting and fun especially trying to learn how to take portraits and make them stand out with the lighting. later on, we used some gels to create a different mood.