Learning Log #3 – Potrait Lighting 1

Rambrant,  SplitLoop, SplitRambrandt, Split, Short

Today was an interesting shooting day. I got a chance to experiment with portrait photography through split lighting, loop, and Rembrandt styles. The color gel brought out an interesting effect on some of my photos. I really enjoyed todays class. I look forward to utilizing some of these techniques in my own photography.



One thought on “Learning Log #3 – Potrait Lighting 1

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Hey, so I’m seeing lots and lots of split here. You do correctly identify the bottom left shot (#5) of Daisy as short Rembrandt, but that’s really the only true example out of this batch that’s not some form of split being used. So loop is missing, and I don’t see any caption identifying broad light, even though #6 is fairly close to broad. Loop is much like Rembrandt except there isn’t a closed triangle of light on the cheek, it opens up and there is just a “loop” of shadow that comes off the nose. Thanks!


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