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Learning Log #12

After exploring the virtual tour with my partner Sasha we were both amazed by not only the 3D virtual navigation tool used but the beautiful thought provoking artwork displayed in the museum. We went through different artworks that used materials to create a scene of 3 dimensional models to bring a history back to life. During the tour, we noticed the 3D and surreal concept theme throughout some of the art work. What also caught our eye was the capture of a brutal execution in the middle east that also used models in different positions and shadows that symbolized a strong message. Lastly, we enjoyed the tour of the museum, it was every bit interesting.



Learning Log #11

Making this Magazine Cover was really exciting. I took my time creating this cover page with a photo I took of a guy I captured last week wearing this colorful mask. I wanted this cover to reflect todays trend and current events, hence the topics I chose. I tried to play with colors and hues. I think it all ties together quite well.

Learning Log #8


It was interesting capturing fruits with natural light near my the window. I tried to capture angles that reflected more light given it was barely any sun outside. Though it was a rainy day, I think I did the best I could. I could improve my angles more and of course I wish I had more to work with in terms of background and lighting. Either way, I had just enough light exposure to snap a few photos of the stack of bananas and oranges.

HW Assignment #1

I was drawn to this photo by Joey Lawrence because it exudes all what we think of when Robert Dinero crosses my mind. The raw, spunky, fierce, yet humbling personality he acquires. The framing of this image is Exceptional and dead on in setting serious tone. The subject matter is clear in which Robert Dinero’s face dominates the image. Also the figure to ground shows this compelling focus from the center of his face which is clear and has a strong focus compared to that of his collar and background which is blurred.

Hw Assignment #1

It was hard to choose a photo from Joey Lawrence. I love them all. They all felt like a movie scene and created emotion with how he composes his photos. In this photo, he used the leading line to catch the viewer’s eye from the flame being low on the left and it increased in size to the right where the people are heading to. Also, the people on the roof of the house leads to the right side of the photo. Lawrence also used the rule of thirds, keeping the most attention on the top right. Overall his work is amazing and made me a huge fan of his.

Amaris Marte Homework Assignment #1

This photography taken by Francesco Gola caught my attention because of the colors of the ocean blends in with the horizon of the sky. The ocean is one my favorite landscaps to see and visit; the serene and colors being represented in this photo makes the depth of the ocean more alive because of the photographer caught this sight. The rule of thirds is being seen here as the linear straight line just above the ocean shows the difference between the sky and the ocean as well as in the back of this shot are the mountains as the clouds start started to cover them. I just love how this photo looks like something off of Google or a pc background since the colors and sky are caught in a slow movement by the shutter speed being able to catch this moment.